2024-03-27 Wednesday Selected Daily News Investmen


2024-03-27, Wednesday, daily news (selected)

March 27 - News investment research

Daily market share/market policy dynamic analysis

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policy information

1. The Federal Reserve’s next interest rate decision: the probability of an interest rate cut is nearly 10.5% (2:00 a.m. on May 2, 2024)

2. U.S. lawmakers wrote to the SEC chairman requesting clarification on whether Ethereum is a security

3. South African regulator issues first cryptocurrency license

4. London Stock Exchange: The first batch of crypto ETNs will be officially listed for trading on May 28

Macro content

1. A large ship collided with a bridge in Baltimore, USA, causing it to collapse. US coal exports to India may be suspended for 6 weeks. The White House denied that it was a terrorist attack.

2. U.S. economic data - house price growth accelerated in January; durable goods orders increased for the first time in three months in February; consumer confidence in March was lower than expected. Sources: OPEC+ unlikely to change output policy before June meeting.

3. Israel believes that this round of negotiations on the Gaza ceasefire agreement has reached a "dead end" and recalled the Doha negotiators.

4. Apple will hold its Global Developers Conference on June 10, at which time it may announce its artificial intelligence strategy. Microsoft appoints new head of AI, triggering executive reshuffle

Parakhin no longer serves as head of Bing.

Currency news

1. Data: On March 26, spot BTC ETF had a net inflow of US$418 million, of which GBTC had a net outflow of US$212 million, BlackRock IBIT had a net inflow of US$162 million, and Fidelity FBTC had a net inflow of US$279.1 million.

2. Vitalik published an article "Supporting decentralized staking through more anti-correlated incentives", and the total locked-up volume of the Ethereum Layer 2 network exceeded 40 billion US dollars.

3. KuCoin lost $1.197 billion worth of cryptocurrency due to news that the U.S. government had charged KuCoin with criminal charges.

4. Coinbase includes SHDW and NEON in its currency listing roadmap

5. Munchables announced that it had been attacked (17,400 ETH stolen, approximately $62.3 million), and it was reported that the core developer was a lurking North Korean hacker.

6. Tidal and Hashdex announced that spot Bitcoin ETF trading can be carried out after the fund conversion is completed.

7. The U.S. CFTC reiterated that digital currencies such as ETH are commodities in its lawsuit against Kucoin.

8. Web3 infrastructure company 0G Labs raises $35 million in pre-seed financing. Crypto game development company Gunzilla Games has completed US$30 million in financing.

Greed and Fear Index: 83 (moderate greed)

Jiushen Index (Ahr999): 1.66 (high selling range)








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