A Month of Financial Reflections


3.27 Today’s funds are 2000U

Will continue to withdraw 1000U later

I still don’t understand what’s going to happen next.

I had a KFC breakfast for only RMB 5.6

From now on, it has been hovering around 2000U, which is actually quite good.

It doesn't matter if it's not exciting.

In fact, I have been very confused whether to continue to roll positions or not.

If you roll, it will double as fast

But if you liquidate your position, you will lose everything.

If you don’t roll your position, just play it little by little like I am now

If you make a profit, you can cash it out. If your position is liquidated, you can recharge it with 500U.

Focus on a casual and good attitude

I can really feel that money is really well spent.

Eat well for 7300 RMB

The real economy outside is not good

Douyin group purchase of delicious food only costs over 100 yuan

You can eat a lot of food for a month

Actually, I don’t have much to spend money on.

I bought a Yadi eMule a few days ago and it only cost 3,000 yuan.

If I really could earn 2000U every month, I would actually be satisfied

Keren will always be dissatisfied

will be swallowed up by greed

Think back to 3 months ago

When you only have 2,000 yuan for your whole body

If you look at it now, you will indeed be satisfied

When people go up high, the pain becomes more painful when they fall.

Or stay put and live a peaceful life

I don’t pursue any winning rate now.

There are only two roads ahead

Double your position and become rich

Make money, withdraw money, gamble and support your family

It will be April soon

This month is still a positive profit

But I feel like many of the great people who commented have wealth and freedom.

I still feel anxious inside, hahahaha

Also, let’s talk about why I’m waiting for the needle to determine the direction.

Because to rise, there must be new funds to accept huge selling pressure.

Only if you can catch it can you go up.

If you can't catch it, it will vibrate.

Until new news affects the judgment of the entire market


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