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Crypto markets are poised for growth

With the Bitcoin ETF being officially approved by the SEC in early 2024, the cryptocurrency market has ushered in a historic turning point, marking the further acceptance of crypto assets by the mainstream financial market. In the coming time, cryptocurrency investment will become More extensive and convenient.

In addition, the market is on the eve of the next Bitcoin halving cycle. With the Bitcoin halving event approaching and the market generally expecting the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, the crypto market is showing an unprecedented positive trend. There is no doubt that this series of The positive factors will jointly push the encryption market into a bull market in 2024.

How to outperform others in a bull market

A bull market can often drive a general rise in the entire market. In this market where you can make money by buying anything, if you want to outperform other investors, choosing high-quality projects with low market value but high growth potential is the key to achieving excess returns. Such projects tend to have a lower initial market value and more room for value-added. At the same time, if the project itself has a strong foundation and future development potential, its growth momentum will be stronger.

Therefore, if we want to reap excess returns beyond the general rise, we should strive to explore such low-market potential projects in the market.

The legacy of the crypto market – NEOPIN

As a project that combines the advantages of CeFi and DeFi, NEOPIN not only has strong innovation potential, but also leads the industry in terms of compliance. These characteristics make NEOPIN have investment value that cannot be ignored in the upcoming bull market.

The reason why it has been underestimated before is that firstly, there are a large number of projects in the market, and investors’ attention is often focused on short-term ultra-high return projects, resulting in long-term growth potential like NEOPIN not being a market hot spot; secondly, compliant DeFi For some investors who pay attention to the "blood theory", the concept does not seem to be in line with the spirit of encryption. Market users' understanding of this new model of permissioned DeFi will take time to accumulate; in the end, it may be because NEOPIN is a Korean project and has a long history in the United States and China. There is not enough voice in the dominant crypto market to get enough attention from investors.

Therefore, entering before the market gradually realizes its true value means obtaining significant returns on investment in the future. Next, we will introduce the NEOPIN project and product functions in detail, as well as its explosive potential in the bull market.

Project Description

NEOPIN is positioned as a decentralized "crypto bank", aiming to provide users with one-stop DeFi services by integrating the security and compliance of CeFi with the flexibility and openness of DeFi. Product features include decentralization Wallet, DEX trading, liquidity mining, liquidity staking, lending and more.

The NEOPIN project is developed by a team with deep technical background and rich industry experience in South Korea. The team members mainly come from giants in the traditional and Web3 fields such as Samsung, Neowiz (South Korea's largest gaming company), Binance, Gnosis, etc., and are committed to creating a safe and convenient DeFi ecosystem.

Program features

Compliance Services

NEOPIN emphasizes compliance and user security. They are currently one of the members of the innovation program of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) in the United Arab Emirates. They are the first Korean Web3 project to receive investment from the office and cooperate with the Abu Dhabi Global Market in the United Arab Emirates. , becoming the world’s first DeFi protocol to integrate a regulatory framework. NEOPIN ensures that platform operations comply with international financial regulatory standards by implementing KYC and AML policies and two-factor authentication.

CeFi and DeFi integration

As technology and markets mature, users’ demands for decentralization, security, and privacy protection in financial instruments increase. In addition, DeFi’s ability to provide global users with unrestricted access drives broader market participation, so it is foreseeable that , future trading activities will gradually shift from traditional centralized exchanges to DEX. During this transformation, NEOPIN has naturally become an ideal transition middleware with its unique advantages in combining CeFi and DeFi.

By combining the security of CeFi and the innovation of DeFi, NEOPIN provides a unique platform that enables users to securely access decentralized financial services such as cryptocurrency trading, staking, lending, mining, and more.

RWA based multiple benefit agreement

NEOPIN RWA products utilize the BDLP (Bond Derivatives Linked Protocol) mechanism and use sDAI and Internet bond derivatives sUSDe based on U.S. Treasury bonds to provide returns higher than U.S. Treasury bond returns. The protocol supports DAI, USDT and USDC deposits, providing users with up to 30.2% annualized rate of return.

NEOPIN has also developed a proprietary AI algorithm for the protocol, which is able to analyze and provide optimal asset management ratios for each user, allowing users to efficiently utilize complex DeFi derivatives based on personal preferences and on-chain data.


Project Dragon ecological faucet

NEOPIN is currently the leading project in the Project Dragon public chain. Project Dragon was formed by the merger of two public chains, Klaytn and Finschia. It has integrated more than 250 million users and is compatible with traditional public chains such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polygon, and Tron. The market values ​​of Klaytn and Finschia are approximately US$820 million and US$240 million respectively, and the combined project valuation reaches approximately US$1 billion. This large user base and combined ecosystem provide NEOPIN with huge growth potential and market Influence.


Backed by Japanese and Korean giants

Some people may not be familiar with the Klaytn and Finschia mentioned earlier, but everyone knows Kakao and Line, the two Asian technology giants behind them. As the leading public chain in Japan and South Korea jointly built by the two giants, NEOPIN not only has strong technical and resource support, but also has access to more than 250 million potential users in Japan and South Korea.

NEOPIN Bull Market Outlook

The current TVL of NEOPIN is US$183 million, which is at a seriously underestimated level. From a track perspective, NEOPIN is a one-stop DeFi platform, benchmarking against Raydium in the same track, which integrates trading, liquidity mining, staking, etc. platform, Raydium's current market value is about US$600 million, while NEOPIN's market value is only about US$85 million, and the price still has room for a 7-fold increase. If the NEOPIN ecosystem further explodes in the future, it will benchmark against the first echelon of DeFi such as Uniswap, Curve, and Pancake. projects, the price space is even more unimaginable.

From the perspective of the public chain it is located in, NEOPIN is currently the leader of Project Dragon. Compared with public chains with similar valuations such as Avalanche or projects with the same ecological status in Polygon such as Benqi, Trader Joe, GMX, etc., the valuations of these projects are also Basically, it is between 3-5 times that of NEOPIN. This difference shows that NEOPIN is undervalued by the market and also hints at the room for price growth.

Looking further, the strong technical support, compliance and inter-governmental cooperation behind NEOPIN provide it with a solid foundation. These factors, coupled with its core position in the Project Dragon project and the cooperation between the two major technology giants in Asia, The background supported by Kakao and Line provides a strong guarantee for NEOPIN's rapid development and market value growth.

In addition, NEOPIN has not yet been listed on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Upbit, South Korea’s largest exchange. Once listed on these two platforms, it is expected to attract a large number of new users and capital, further pushing up its market value. In view of the huge potential of the cryptocurrency market in Japan and South Korea, NEOPIN is backed by powerful technology giants in these two countries, and its future growth potential is worth looking forward to.








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