7 Major RWA Blockchains: Unlocking Massive Potenti


7 major RWA blockchains, each with 50 times or even hundreds of times potential

1. Chintai: New engine for digital assets

Chintai, Singapore's leading blockchain platform, has dual licenses to help financial institutions efficiently issue, process and exchange digital assets, leading the new trend in the RWA market.

2. Entangle: Reinventing Messaging Infrastructure

As a pioneer in customizable messaging infrastructure, Entangle is committed to enhancing ecosystem liquidity and enabling the tokenization of real-world assets.

3. Lumerin: Revolutionary in the computing power market

The Lumerin protocol creates a hash power market, allowing users to fully control their own hash power, reducing the risk of mining pool centralization and cultivating an open source culture.

4. Dusk: Pioneer of institutional-level privacy transactions

Dusk blockchain provides institutional-level privacy and compliance, supports seamless RWA transactions, subverts the traditional financial industry, and realizes the integration of encryption and traditional assets.

5. Realio: New benchmark for digital securities SaaS

The Realio platform integrates decentralized trading and issuance investment functions, builds a Layer-1 multi-chain Web3 ecosystem, and facilitates the innovative management of digital securities and encrypted assets.

6. Hathor: Pioneer in the integration of DAG and blockchain

Hathor Network combines DAG and blockchain technology to achieve excellent scalability and decentralization, providing efficient, secure, and censorship-free solutions for RWA and other scenarios.

7. MANTRA Chain: Regulation-Friendly Blockchain

As a blockchain ecosystem that meets regulatory requirements, MANTRA Chain supports various RWA and tokenized assets, providing secure and scalable blockchain services for institutions and developers.

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