The Rise of BlackRock and Real-World Asset Tokeniz


Financial legend, the world only knows the stock god Buffett, but ignores another legend,

At the age of 31, he became the youngest director in the history of First Boston Investment Bank

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is known as a potential trader for the Federal Reserve.

In recent years, BlackRock has paid more and more attention to cryptocurrencies. After the BTC spot ETF,

Larry Fink. Says BlackRock will bet heavily on RWA tokenization in the future

Real-world asset tokenization is the process of converting ownership of physical assets into digital tokens on the blockchain. This innovation democratizes investment opportunities by segmenting assets such as real estate and commodities into tradable tokens. It also enhances liquidity and expands global reach, removing geographical restrictions for investors.

This move is also expected by Dao Ge and many other bloggers. I have long said that the Year of the Ox in 2024 will be a transformative year, with the development of world technology and digitalization, the progress of web3 network technology and artificial intelligence, and the future People's assets are more digital.

So, what we can see is that in this major event, the real-world asset tokens worthy of attention include:

Maple Finance (MPL), Swarm Markets (SMT), Boson Protocol (BOSON), Clearpool (CPOOL) and Polytrade (TRADE). Xremlin also mentioned IX Swap (IXS), Realio Network (RIO), and Dusk Network (DUSK). Each of these projects is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing market.

It has been just over 30 years since BlackRock was founded. BlackRock's total assets under management globally are approximately US$8.59 trillion, covering stocks, fixed income investments, cash management, alternative investments and consulting strategies.

Recognize Larry Fink. Also recognizes BlackRock’s capabilities.

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