The Realities of Small Capital Investing


Regarding the issue of small principal, I would like to say a few more words.

The stories of sudden wealth will only be frivolous, and it is unrealistic to cross multiple classes at once, so why can we see some wealthy people with freedom say that they experienced two or three rounds of bull markets before they became free.

Because strata need to be crossed step by step, it takes time and experience to step into various pitfalls and improve one's own knowledge and structure.

You only have five thousand, and 99.99% of people cannot make 50 million through contracts.

The small capital is a condition of your own. If you want to immediately earn the same amount as others with large principals, your risk level will expand infinitely.

If everyone can get rich instantly, with a small capital and immediate freedom, then who loses money? Then why study? Why start a business?

Shortcuts belong to a very small number of people, and they may also have to pay something you can't pay. Only you know the hardships.

So, don’t think about opening contracts with a small capital and making a lot of money. Let me make it clear that you won’t make big money.

If your capital is 5,000, how about trying to make 20,000 to 50,000 in this bull market? step by step? Because you only have 5,000, making 20,000 is a lot of money for you.

And it’s hard to say whether you can earn 12,000 from 5,000.

Be content, abstain from greed, and abstain from contracts.

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